Storytelling through irish dance

Create. Present. Preserve.



Irish Dance Theatre is a new Colorado-based 501c3 nonprofit that seeks to preserve and embolden the art of Irish Dance. With financial support from companies, organizations and individuals, Irish Dance Theatre puts on performances, conducts training, and provides education and community engagement.



To be an internationally celebrated cultural institution. And we can’t do it without your help. You have the unique opportunity to support our mission with your sponsorship of Irish Dance Theatre and “The Celtic Gift.”



IRISH DANCE IS AN ART FORM steeped in tradition that deserves to be preserved and continued. While many are familiar with Riverdance or Lord of the Dance, our mission is to continue to expand the art form and introduce it to new audiences of all ages.

Irish Dance Theatre is the only organization in North America producing performances like this. No other organizations like ours exist, and we’re excited to show what we can do to an ever-growing audience.

As a new non-profit, our organization is small and staffed by a volunteer board of directors dedicated to our mission.


Past performances




The Celtic Gift is coming this December. Performance date announcements are being posted regularly, so be sure to stay tuned to our social media and check our website.



We are currently casting for the shows, so if you are interested, learn how to apply get in touch with us now!




We chose to be a nonprofit because that allows us to engage a much wider audience than if we were a for-profit company.

Our goals are to put on successful and highly-attended shows, of course. But we also want to educate, engage, and connect with our communities. Irish Dance is a communal experience, and functioning as a nonprofit allows us to service this goal.

creating an innovative and creative environment for irish dancers to thrive.